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Applauded by tea enthusiasts for many years, Boston Harbour Tea is an exceptional blend of the finest black teas from Sri Lanka and Darjeeling. When brewed, this “tea with a history” has a sweet aroma and a brisk flavor that is sure to please.
Centuries ago, the taxation of tea in the American Colonies was one of the catalysts that helped spark the American War of Independence. Even though the tax on British controlled tea stocks was not a substantial amount per household, this was one of many taxes that occurred without proper consent over a span of several decades. Cries of "taxation without representation" engulfed the Colonies until there was no peaceful compromise to be realized. On December 16, 1773 a group of Colonial patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three English ships in Boston Harbor and threw the tea onboard into the water, in protest against the duty imposed on tea by the Government of King George III.   When the first Boston Tea Party was over, hundreds of tea chests were left floating in the frigid harbor waters. In the months that followed, many other seaports staged their own “Tea Parties”. On March 7, 1774, at a second Boston Tea Party, 16 chests of fine tea from tea merchants, Davison Newman & Co. Ltd. of London, were also dumped in the harbor in defiance of British policies. Still in operation today, Britain’s oldest tea merchant has developed this famous tea blend and offers it exclusively through the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company. With several packaging sizes and styles available, this small piece of our country’s history not only makes a great Boston-themed gift idea, but a truly memorable cup of tea.
Boston Tea Party Petition
This document is a replica copy of the original petition from Davison, Newman & Company to King George III, requesting compensation for their chests of tea thrown into Boston Harbour. Since the document is written in old English script, a translation is included. Perfect for Boston Tea Party school projects!
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